A Little Big or,
It's Hard Work Being an Artist



Sam Bloomquist said...

Great stuff. This reminds me of a recurring nightmare I used to have when I was younger. In the dream I would go to sleep and then wake up with a body that was ridiculously out of proportion. For example, I'd have a gigantic hand and a tiny little skinny arm and a huge thigh and tiny calves or something like that. It was impossible to move or function and was pretty freaky. So I can relate to this guy's frustrations with size and proportion.

The Ocean State Sayler Family Blog said...

What beautiful giant hands you have.

Nathan Vollmar said...

Me Loves It!

Lara said...

that is great. And very very funny. Nice.

Jacob Amundson said...

Awesome work man. Looks great and the soundtrack/foley is really interesting. Are you a Tom Friedman fan? What about Thomas Demand? I got vibes of both these artists as well as Pierre Huyghe's stuff. Keep it up and enjoy some Talking Heads in the studio with Russell.


Jen said...

your work always amazes me. and it's always a little mysterious- i find.

keep it up, brothaman.